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Although the art world has seen increased transparency in recent years, there is still a lack of quantitative methods to analyse art market trends.

At Art Market Trends, our multi-disciplinary research team has developed the most advanced analysis tools for the art market using the latest techniques in data analysis, econometrics and quantitative analysis.

Millions of data points based on global art sales are used to analyse the art market. We use sale results, estimates and a variety of alternative data related to the art market, as opposed to industry surveys, in order to provide objective and transparent information.

We present new methodologies as a series of smart indexes, which makes it easier for the reader to see the facts and art market trends at a glance, while leaving the technical details of index building to our team of experts.

We have developed indexes in four categories: global art market trends, industry insights, auctions and art collectors.

Global Art Market Trends

The Art Market Trends Art P/V Index family and the Art Market Trends S/D Index family of indexes provide barometers for the general trend of the art market for each genre and price range.

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Industry Insights

To analyse the profitability of art dealers and active traders, we introduce to core index families: the Art Market Trends Art Dealer Indexes and the Art Market Trends Art Profit indexes for each genre.

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Auction Rankings

We provide easy-to-read rankings about auction houses and artists to watch. The Art Market Trends Global Rankings with the Art market Trends Best Overall Achieved Price and Art Market Trends Best Overall Average Price awards.

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Art Collectors

Objectives and styles for collections management are varied and change through time. From passive to active management styles, our Art Market Trends Investment Indexes include a wide variety of indexes.

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